How To Lead By Design: Interactive Websites

October 7, 2016

How To Lead By Design: Interactive Websites

October 7, 2016 GemFind Marketing


If you want to lead by design then take action with the simple tips below. The level of interactivity involved in your design can be scaled up or down to meet the needs of your visitors without being too gimmicky.

Search Features

One of the best applications of interactive website tools is the ability to search your site for specific luxury jewelry products through a simple search bar or with the help of suggestive links. If a visitor is looking at luxury jewelry designs that include a heart shaped theme, your site can provide them with other similar products in a side bar or at the bottom of the page. This gives visitors the feeling that your company is paying attention to their preferences and proactively helping them find what they need.

Landing Pages

Another good source of branding is the use of an interactive design for your landing page. Your landing page is where users will end up when they search the web for a specific keyword. This is your opportunity to show off some of your very best products in a creative format. If the visitor searches for engagement rings, and they are directed to your landing page for engagement sets, you can use interactive features to create a photo album of your most popular and beautiful rings. This is also a good place to offer an interactive form that lets them subscribe to your newsletter for future sales and new product releases. When it comes to branding, first impressions are everything, and interactive website themes allow you to be creative and artistic to draw in new customers.


Anyone paying for luxury jewelry is also likely to want references before they buy. An interactive guestbook on your page can highlight top reviews of your products, and offer a stream of recent posts to visitors. This lets new shoppers know that other people have recently purchased from you and had a great experience.

The proper use of interactive design techniques can make a huge difference in the way people view your brand. By taking your site to the next level with these features, you can place yourself at the forefront of the luxury jewelry market.

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