Best Ways to Get Customer Feedback

June 9, 2017
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Best Ways to Get Customer Feedback

June 9, 2017 Alex

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Your jewelry store can run more smoothly if you pay attention to customer feedback. These days, businesses depend on building relationships, so it’s best to keep in touch as closely as possible with customers. Here are reasons and ways to collect jewelry customer feedback.

Interactivity Keeps Perceptions Fresh

When you interact with customers it can potentially stay in their minds for awhile, keeping your business a current fixture in their thoughts. Conversely, when you fall out of touch with customers, it’s easy for them to forget about your business and even try out competitors. The customers you connect with on a regular basis can make up your most loyal core following.

Ideally, you can provide multiple ways to stay in touch with customers. A few ways include: through your physical location, email, messaging, social media, email, and phone. Many businesses now use social media as real-time customer service. Studies show that if you can respond to customers quickly, as in an hour of their inquiry, you have a good chance of retaining their business. Asking for their opinion often makes them feel important.

Ways to Collect Customer Feedback

In the old days, businesses that understood customer satisfaction provided voice mail for 24/7 customer feedback. These days, that idea still has merit. But there are easier ways to collect feedback electronically, such as through email, social media or online forms.

It helps to ask for and encourage customer feedback on your website, which can lead to a landing page with a questionnaire or a simple form. One way to stimulate feedback is to combine the survey with a free gift or a contest. If you run a brick and mortar store be sure to let customers know at the time of purchase you would appreciate their feedback about their purchasing experience.

Another way to obtain customer feedback is to publish their reviews on your website. You can also encourage them to post reviews on local directory sites such as Facebook. For maximum effect, consider creating video testimonials of your customers. This can potentially influence other customers to buy from your store.


Getting your customers to provide feedback not only helps you understand your market better, it can help influence other sales if you publish their comments online. GemFind can provide you with tools for tracking reviews and monitoring social media comments, as well as exclusive platforms for selling your jewelry.

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