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How to Choose the Best Keywords for your Online Jewelry Store

When it comes to search marketing, keyword research for a jewelry retail website is a high value activity. The process provides much-needed insights about search volumes and competition around particular keywords. In turn, this allows you to plan and implement

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2017 website trends

Website Trends for 2017

Website design is a field that undergoes continuous change as it continues to incorporate new techniques and technologies. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that the trends of the present will not be the trends

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Web Design

5 Ways to Spice Up Your Website Design and SEO Strategy

When discussing SEO you might have heard that the content on your site is just as important as the images you display to convey your brand.  These are just as important as having a responsive website in today’s digital world.

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Gearing Up During Labor Day Weekend

Hello Labor Day Weekend! All of us here at GemFind love Labor Day. It is that wonderful day of relaxation that comes at the end of a long summer. It’s also the day where we all transition into “fall thinking” as we begin

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