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How to Keep your Employees Happy During the Long Holiday Hours

One of the most important cornerstones of success for any jewelry company big or small is the success and happiness of that company’s employees. Expressions like “Invest in your employees, and they will invest in your company.” or “We are

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Kimberley Diamond Company Joins JewelCloud®

GemFind, the leading technology provider to the jewelry industry, is happy to welcome Kimberley Diamond Company, the newest vendor to add their collections to the industry’s fastest growing social product network. With JewelCloud®, Kimberley Diamond Company can better reach their retailers and

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How to Increase Engagement on your Jewelry Website – Part 2

After reading our previous blog, and deciding on a layout that works and you’ve clearly defined the steps you want your visitors to take, the next step in increasing website engagement is to create something with inherent value to your

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GemFind Newsletter 11-23-2016

APPLICATIONS SERVICES CONTACT We are delighted to announce that True Romance has joined JewelCloud®. Retailers around the world can now access their varied selection of high quality diamond wedding bands and engagement rings in our social product network JewelCloud® and

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