CA Coast Designs New Ring Builder Fulfillment Partner

January 27, 2014
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CA Coast Designs New Ring Builder Fulfillment Partner

January 27, 2014 Alex

GemFind has recently added California Coast Designs as a product fulfillment provider for GemFind’s Ring Builder® application ( The application allows users to create customized rings using a variety of useful sample guides and options to design a tailored piece of jewelry for online customers. As a jewelry manufacturer, California Coast Designs not only brings a number of jewelry ring designs to the Ring Builder® portfolio, but also offers Ring Builder® users rendered images and videos of exceptional quality and resolution.

Improved image quality of completed rendered jewelry in Ring Builder® gives users a detailed two-dimensional view of the ring created online. The additional video option gives a three-dimensional-like view of a customized rendered ring, allowing the user to see every detail, from a center stone’s table to the ring’s lower shank.


“California Coast Designs is the only company of its kind producing images and video of superior quality like this inside a Ring Builder® application,” says Weston Kobzeff, CEO and co-founder of California Coast Designs. “Given GemFind’s position as an industry leader in designing websites, application and technology development, and other electronic marketing platforms, we’re pleased to not only bring beautiful jewelry designs to Ring Builder®, but also the graphic and video capabilities to make purchasing jewelry online that much easier and enjoyable for consumers.”

California Coast Designs currently has 185 in-house ring designs, from traditional to trending. Kobzeff and his design team are adding new designs each month with the goal of having 300 designs by Spring 2014. “With 10 design options for 300 rings, we’ll soon offer 3,000 design possibilities to add to Ring Builder®,” says Kobzeff.

“We’re very pleased to add California Coast Designs as a fulfillment provider because they bring so much in terms of creative jewelry designing, but also the technology to make online customization an incredible experience for users with exceptional quality visuals,” says Alex Fetanat, CEO and Founder of GemFind.

Alex Fetanat

Alex Fetanat, CEO and Founder of GemFind

Created in 2002, Ring Builder® has undergone a number of upgrades to become a leading industry tool for creating online customization jewelry options for its customers (GemFind has also created Pendant Builder™ and Stud Builder™ based on the success of Ring Builder®). And with that evolution, GemFind has developed methods of tailoring Ring Builder® applications to the specific needs of companies in the gem and jewelry industry. From wholesalers and manufacturers to retail jewelers, Ring Builder® has become a versatile and innovative tool for today’s jewelry consumers that are using a variety of devices to access the internet to research and buy goods and services online.

In response to the ways people access the internet, Ring Builder® is the only ring customization application of its kind developed with responsive web design, which automatically adjusts the format of the website to fit the width of any viewing device from smartphone to tablet and desktop to laptop.

Ring Builder® has advanced to being as customizable as the ring design possibilities in the application itself. Last year GemFind created a completely customized Ring Builder® application for Omaha, Nebraska-based Borsheims Fine Jewelry & Gifts. Special features to the application include custom design of the app, custom data, custom images, and custom drag-and-drop technology that allows the user to superimpose diamonds onto a variety of ring designs. GemFind also created a Ring Builder® mobile app for Hamilton Jewelers in an effort to help the New Jersey-based jeweler capture a greater share of the Millennial market.


The broad-based capabilities and functionalities of Ring Builder® were also applied to customized Ring Builder® applications for Infinity Diamonds and HRA Group. Infinity Diamonds is known for its own line of personalized diamonds using organic materials from a variety of sources from a couple’s wedding cake to cremated remains of a family member or pet. GemFind’s custom Ring Builder® application allows users of Infinity Diamonds’ website-based application to customize a ring based on the desired color of a diamond as well as its size and shape.

GemFind also developed a Ring Builder® application for Vancouver-based HRA Group. A reliable source of conflict-free diamonds, the GemFind-created Ring Builder® app for HRA Group allows its client to source conflict-free diamonds from Canada, a diamond buying option that appeals to many socially-minded Millennials.


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