Bez Ambar Joins JewelCloud

April 24, 2017
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Bez Ambar Joins JewelCloud

April 24, 2017 Alex

Bez Ambar joins JewelCloud

GemFind, the leading technology provider to the jewelry industry, is honored to welcome Bez Ambar, the newest designer to add their collections to the industry’s fastest growing social product network. With JewelCloud®, Bez Ambar can better reach their retailers and feed products straight to retail websites, and retailers can provide a full, current inventory to their customers.

Bez Ambar Inc (previously: Ambar Diamonds) is a jewelry design and manufacturing company based in Los Angeles, California. Artist Bez Ambar founded the company in 1980.

In addition to his creative talents, Bez is an avid self-learner with a childlike curiosity and relentless determination for solving problems. These qualities served him well in his quest for innovation.

Bez’s unique artistry, commitment to innovation, and uncompromised quality of craftsmanship placed the company at the forefront of Bridal and Fashion diamond jewelry.

Bez developed some of the most influential and popular diamond cuts and settings of the twenty-first century. His inventions include different new diamond cuts and innovative ways of diamond setting.

His first invention was the Quadrillion/Princess cut, which became the second most popular diamond cut after the round brilliant.  His second invention was the patented Blaze Cut, a square diamond with only 13 facets. This was a departure from traditional diamond cutting. The larger facets increase the diamond ability to bend and reflect light. This means that Blaze diamonds produce bursts of vivid colors, “Fire,” many times bigger than traditional diamond cuts. Bez’s latest creation is his patented new cut which he named Divine.  He applied the principle of fewer facets which he used with the square Blaze to a Round Brilliant Diamond to create a unique cut that has more fire than the traditional round brilliant.

His innovations in settings styles greatly influenced the jewelry industry. They include the Invisible setting, Boundless, and the Micro-Pave.

For all the reasons mentioned above, Bez Ambar is well known and greatly respected among his fellow jewelry designers, and among jewelry experts. His designs are highly customized and are always made to fit the individual needs of the client. His superb artistry is expressed in the many unique pieces he creates to match the shape of the center stone. His designs are uncommon, delicate, innovative, and highly aesthetic. The Bez Ambar brand can only be found in limited Bez Ambar authorized retailers – privately owned fine jewelry stores around the USA, Canada, and Israel.

In a market crowded with so many jewelry designers, what sets Bez Ambar apart from the rest? Why should you purchase a Bez Ambar design?

In a world where we are taught to conform from the time we are born, Bez Ambar is a symbol of authentic and original expression. He repeatedly brakes down stylistic conventions. He is uncompromising as he pursues his calling and follows his muse. Relentlessly curious, he continuously reinvents himself. He is the only jewelry designer in this century who constantly invents, innovates and creates great artistic designs that answer to no one, yet inspire everyone.

You may now view their inventory on JewelCloud®, an innovative lineup of tools including Diamond Link®, Ring Builder®, Stud Builder®, Pendant Builder® and Facebook apps.

Visit for more information on JewelCloud® and for more information about Bez Ambar.

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