3 Benefits of an E-Commerce Website for Jewelers

February 5, 2015
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3 Benefits of an E-Commerce Website for Jewelers

February 5, 2015 Alex
Cornell's Jewelers E-Commerce Website> http://bit.ly/16GJmh0

Cornell’s Jewelers E-Commerce Website> http://bit.ly/16GJmh0

For a jeweler or manufacturer, an e-commerce website can dramatically increase your sales while boosting your brand’s reach and image. A well-done e-commerce website can launch a small business to a level playing field with larger competitors.

Three Benefits of an E-Commerce Jewelry Website

  • An e-commerce website shows an online offering of what the store has to offer with the opprotunity to order it immediately. While your first time site visitor may not make a purchase, having a wide selection would draw them in store for that personal interaction. Once the relationship is built, an online sale could emerge.
  • For stores who lack a POS system, an eCommerce site could fulfill those needs on a single store level. This would allow a jeweler to enter inventory which would immediately be available on the site, manage the stock, and even run transactions through the system.
  • An e-commerce website allows real-time management of sale items for holidays and events with the option to show special pricing.

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The leap from a brick and mortar store or a new startup to a fully functioning e-commerce website can be daunting. There are so many things to consider: how your inventory will be managed, how customers will pay, how people will find you, how you will manage it and more.

GemFind works with businesses or all size to create powerful and flexible Magento e-commerce websites for the jewelry industry. The experts at GemFind will lead you through the e-commerce journey clearly and timely.

Featured products can be managed with JewelCloud or with direct upload. Our e-commerce jewelry websites integrate with Authorize.net, Paypal and Google. Our websites track order status, email notifications, history and recently ordered items. Wishlists, product videos and related products personalize the online shopping experience.

Ready to learn more about what an attractive e-commerce website looks like for your business? Take a look at our portfolio and some of the options available here and give us a call at 1-800-373-4373 when you’re ready to connect.


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