Apple Beats Coca-Cola, ‘World’s Most Valuable Brand’

October 2, 2013

Apple Beats Coca-Cola, ‘World’s Most Valuable Brand’

October 2, 2013 Alex

1. Apple ($98.3 Billion)

2. Google ($93.3 Billion)

3. Coca-Cola ($79.2 Billion)


A customer views an Apple Inc. iPhone 5c displayed during the devices launch at the company’s store in New York.

Tech giant Apple (AAPL) has bumped Coca-Cola out of position as the world’s No. 1 brand. Global recognition of Apple, now the world’s most powerful brand, has soared 52% over the past two years. “This ranking is the digital revolution we are experiencing,” said Bertrand Chovet, the CEO of Interbrand Paris on BFM Business, on September 30.

Apple Inc.’s brand value increased 28 percent to $98.3 billion, pushing it into the top position, followed by Google Inc. (GOOG)’, a close second at $93.3 billion. The Coca-Cola Co. name slipped from the top spot after 13 years to third place at $79.2 billion.

Forbes and Bloomberg speculate that a maintained brand vision, carried from the ideals of Steve Jobs‘ through the assembly of Tim Cook has helped propel the steadfast, significant growth. Recognized as a leader in design and performance, the excellent consumer response of iphone and ipad devices hasn’t hurt the Apple name on its road to glory.

Apple has solidified its position on top, for now, but Google and Samsung are trying to narrow the gap. Google overtook IBM to become the second most valuable brand in the world and showed a five percent gain this year. The search engine giant has transformed its brand so it can compete in other service and product areas.



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