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<p><span>Online marketing for jewelers is not too different from any other industry. The real difference is that the jewelry industry has not been as quick to move to online marketing. This is largely because it has been assumed that people would want to se</span><span style=”background-color: transparent;”>e their purchases first, in a brick-and-mortor store. However, that assumption is quickly changing as more and more stores start to transition into an online marketing mindset.</span></p>
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GemFind Weekly Newsletter December 7, 2017



GemFind Weekly Newsletter December 1, 2017

Mobile-Savvy Millennials Drive Cyber Monday Jump | Guangzhou Exchanges Hold International Jewelry & Diamond Conference | Chaim Even-Zohar to retire; WFDB Praises His Integrity | A Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond Fetches $32M at Christie’s | Rapaport Launches New Online Diamond Education Platform | Alrosa Ready to Auction the Most Expensive Diamond Ever Polished in Russia | Why Diamonds and Gems Are Catching the Eye of Serious Investors | Do You Dig It? Chanel’s 70’s-inspired Gallery Collection | 3 Holiday Commercials That Get It Right | Actresses of “Gold” Hollywood and Their Engagement Rings | Humorous Marketing Helps “Boost” Small Businesses | and more!

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GemFind Weekly Newsletter November 23, 2017

ALROSA Auctions $1.2 Million of Polished Colored Diamonds In Israel | Robust Gold Demand Drives Chow Tai Fook Growth | Stuller Introduces Gem, Diamond Imaging Product | New Concern as Chinese Lab Finds Hard-to-Detect CVD Synthetic | His, Her’s, and Their’s: Jewelry Crosses the Gender Barrier | The World’s Most Expensive Diamond to be Laser-Cut in Israel | Past Perfect: 185 Years of Longines Timepieces | Chaumet and the Art of the Jewelry Brooch | 14-Carat Pink Diamond Could Fetch $42 Million at Christie’s Hong Kong Auction | A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Making of High Jewelry | Interview: Couture Jewelry Designer Giampiero Bodino | and more!

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5 Ways to Increase Store Traffic This Fall

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<h1>How Can You Increase Store Traffic?</h1>
<p><span>There has recently been a growing anxiety within the retail industry with lack of in-store traffic and slowing sales. &nbsp;The anxiety is real, and in many respects, it is justified. &nbsp;Bridal e-commerce sites such as The Knot, Blue Nile, and even Amazon pay millions to understand the needs and buying behaviors of your customers. They invest millions into creating a rich user experience that’s specifically tailored to keeping your customers coming back for more of what they have to sell. &nbsp;</span></p>
<p><span>But who are these site catering to, the millennial&nbsp;market?&nbsp; Not necessarily, they’re actually catering to the 2040’s demographic.&nbsp; The 2040 demographic is simply those visitors between the ages of 20 and 40 years of age.&nbsp; The 2040’s are a more comprehensive and fluid group of individuals that share similar purchase behaviors and tastes as opposed to ideals or outwordly perspectives.</span></p>
<p><span>But don’t worry, you still have a competitive advantage. Let’s keep reading find out what that is.</span></p>
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GemFind Weekly Newsletter November 14, 2017

GemFind Blog: Every Jewelry Retailer’s Secret Weapon to Increase Sales | GIA Reports 300% Rise Retailer Lookup with Milestone of 7,500 Retailers | Sotheby’s to Sell Record 111 ct. Diamond | Synthetic Diamond Bears Fake Inscription Matching Natural Report | GemFind and The Edge Partner Up | World’s “most beautiful” diamond to be auctioned in Geneva with ÂŁ23m guide price | This giant pink diamond could sell for up to $30 million at auction | “Ruby” is the Ultimate Tome for Gem Fanatics | Aviator Watches: the best designs and where to buy them | Two Massive Diamonds Discovered in Sierra Leone | Costume Jewels From “Camille”, “Gone With the Wind”, and More Hit the Auction Block | The Meaning That Lingers Behind Eternity Rings } and more!

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Every Jewelry Retailer’s Secret Weapon to Increase Sales

growing my jewelry business

Jewelry sales have been booming to become a $70 billion industry. There is no shortage of demand; however, with the increase in demand, there is also an increase in competition. So if “growing my jewelry business” is on your agenda, here is best to devise a marketing strategy based on a combination of the latest marketing trends, as well as software for jewelry.

Study Jewelry Business Trends

The internet makes it easy to research jewelry trends by visiting authoritative sites like JCK, Rapaport, International Diamond Exchange (IDEX) and National Jeweler. Studying industry statistics will help you stay updated and shape your marketing ideas.

Between 2013 and 2017 sales of women’s fashion and bridge jewelry nearly doubled in the United States to over $20 billion. You can use this industry research to compare with your own customer feedback to gauge demand in your market. Here are other recent waves that are mesmerizing consumers to consider for formulating your marketing strategies:

  • fine jewelry and fine watches
  • concierge jewelry
  • customization
  • website sophistication
  • catering to mobile users
  • jewelry that never goes out of stock

The Secret Weapon

So here it is, the secret weapon to increasing sales. Drum roll please!…It’s web design and digital marketing! Now before you click away, let us enlighten you on how that can help you increase your sales.

A new website is the first step to targeting a whole new market that exists online. Through a new website, you will be able to reach that market through social media, Google Adwords, and email blasts. Not only is the online audience a new market, but it is currently the biggest market. This exactly where your sales will come from. And so in order to target them, you can host an Instagram giveaway that will help you reach a big market through an enticing offer, and then attract potential customers who you would be interested in your products.


The online jewelry business is hotter than ever, but in order to stay ahead of the competition you need to step up your marketing strategies, moreover, your digital marketing strategies. Contact GemFind to help you build a more powerful interactive website designed to increase sales.


GemFind Weekly Newsletter November 9, 2017

GemFind’s Strategic Partnership with The Edge | Strong Focus on Responsible Sourcing of Colored Gemstones at CIBJO Congress | JA Joins Group Arguing for Online Sales Tax Reform | Blue Diamond Scarcity Drives Price Rise | Diamond Organizations Harmonize Nomenclature | British Designer Creates $15 Million Diamond Shoes | Is Bitcoin Good for Diamonds? | 5 Things to Know About … Trapiche Gems | Unique Men’s Wedding Bands | At the Summit of Fame: Everything About the Most Expensive Rubies | GemFind’s New Lead Generation SEO Package | Seeing Red: An Expert’s Guide to Rubies | JewelCloud Member Spotlight: Bez Ambar | Know Your Garnets: Rhodolite | and more!

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GemFind has announced it has reached a strategic partnership agreement with the leading industry point of sale provider, The Edge.

Newport Beach, CA – October 19, 2017 – GemFind –Furthering its impact and positioning within the jewelry industry, digital marketing, systems integration and web services company, GemFind has announced it has reached a strategic partnership agreement with the leading industry point of sale provider, The Edge. This move seeks to improve the overall customer experience of both online and in the store consumers.

The strategic partnership agreement between GemFind and The Edge will involve better data integration, a faster turn-around of online retailer web services and an overall improved customer experience at the retail level. GemFind through its proprietary platform JewelCloud can seamlessly integrate the instore inventory of retailer jewelers to their website.

GemFind CEO, Alex Fetanat “We review the analytics of hundreds of our jewelry retail customer’s websites on a weekly basis. Based on the analytics we know these users skew younger and expect more both online and offline from a retail experience standpoint. Our relationship and future with The Edge is going to allow us to innovate, engage users and increase store traffic like never before.”

Abbott Jewelry Systems President, Dick Abbott “We are pleased to partner with GemFind to develop a closer relationship between both the physical store and the on-line store. The exchange of information between the two can result in a seamless experience for customers which is what we are after”.

For more information, contact GemFind at, 800.373.4373.


GemFind is a digital marketing, systems integration and web services company providing professional services specifically to jewelry retailers, designers and manufacturers since 1999. GemFind focuses on providing seamless user experiences, creative and data rich analytics to improve its offering and drive in store sales ROI. For More Information:

About The Edge

The Edge retail jewelry store management system was built from the ground up as a solution for independent retail jewelers. Currently installed in over 3,000 jewelry stores, The Edge is a modern Windows program built on Microsoft’s .NET platform, and is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10. The Edge has achieved Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status, which allows it to access numerous benefits that are only available to preferred members of the Microsoft development community. We utilize these insider benefits to develop even more sophisticated jewelry retail software. For more information visit

Phone: 949-752- 7710

Why You Should Be In a Mobile-First Mindset

Mobility is becoming synonymous with modern consumerism, which is why businesses that focus on a mobile first mindset can increase sales more readily. Now that the masses take smartphones with them whenever they shop, you must not ignore this growing phenomenon. Here are ways your online jewelry store can emphasize mobile customers.

Why Mobile Should Be On Your Radar

Consumers are increasingly using smartphones to help them shop, both when they are in a store and when they are at home. About 40% of consumers have now made at least one purchase with their phone. Mobile users tend to be consumers who are most ready to buy. Furthermore, many searches for products begin with mobile devices, especially when shoppers are on the go.

You can increase your reach with mobile users by making sure your site is mobile-friendly and by issuing an app of your online store. The app will then exist on mobile devices as a permanent reminder of your brand. Another way to reach mobile users is by presenting mobile coupons for discounts in your apps and on your website. 

If you run a brick-and-mortar store, consider adding mobile payment availability to your system. Shoppers appreciate the convenience of making payments with their smartphones, which saves them from carrying cash or credit cards around in their wallets. One in five smartphone users now use mobile payments to make in-store purchases.

Mobile Increases Sales

In order to achieve a mobile first mindset you need to think of how empowering the mobile experience is. The pillars of the mobile first mindset are transparency, centralization and simplicity. Customers need to have the ability to access your online store anytime from any location, and your centralized office needs to be in sync with remote workers. This ease of use will smooth the path to purchasing your products, because they realize how easy and satisfying the experience is. Thus, sales will begin growing, just as the business begins adopting a more mobile-first mindset.

Mobile first essentially means making the search and shopping experience less complex and more enjoyable. You can enrich your customers with easy ways to search vast inventory by adding GemFind tools to your store. These applications are already mobile-friendly and will save you from the high costs of working with proprietary software designers. 


You can gain a strong advantage over competitors by offering your customers a mobile first experience. Check out the jewelry industry tools offered by GemFind. You have a chance to increase sales when you offer a mobile first mindset that simplifies and enhances the shopping experiences. 

Read our previous blog to learn more about how mobile-friendly sites can increase sales: 5 Ways to Increase Store Traffic This Fall


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