Website Trends for 2017

November 11, 2016

Website Trends for 2017

November 11, 2016 GemFind Marketing

2017 website trendsWebsite design is a field that undergoes continuous change as it continues to incorporate new techniques and technologies. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that the trends of the present will not be the trends of the future, meaning that people should watch out for 2017 website trends.

Here are some probable 2017 website trends:

Greater Focus on Mobile

Mobile devices have become more popular than PCs for accessing the Internet. As a result, it seems probable that more websites builders will adopt a mobile-first approach, which means optimizing the user experience of mobile users rather than leaving them as an afterthought. If you are interested in how to reach your audience on mobile, click the link.

Even More Use of Responsive Design

Responsive design is far from being a new concept, but it seems probable that 2017 will see more hold-outs giving in. This is because Google is checking your site and it’s search algorithm now rewards responsive design and penalizes its lack by downranking non-responsive websites. This means that even websites not aimed at mobile users have a powerful incentive to get with the times.

Standardization of User Experience

Online marketing has become filled with competition, so much so that website builders can no longer afford to experiment too much with their website design lest their changes cause them to lose traffic to their competitors. At the same time, those that happen to come up with something that improves user experience can expect it to be copied by their competitors with incredible speed, thus ensuring standardization of user experience in 2017 website trends.

Increasing Emphasis Original Content

However, it seems probable that there will be a move towards having more and more original content on websites, whether in the form of photos, pictures, or text. In part, this is because original content serves to distinguish a particular website from all of the other websites that have to make do with stock content. However, it should also be noted that original content can be useful for establishing the expertise and experience of the people behind the website, thus making it one way for them to market themselves to others.

More Videos in More Places

Better connections and more powerful devices mean that more videos should be part of 2017 website trends. After all, videos can say more in less time than either text, picture, or even text with pictures, meaning that it is perfect for communicating with people who have been trained to ignore most advertisements through constant over-exposure.

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