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Audience On Mobile

How To Reach Your Audience On Mobile during The Holidays

Don’t be left behind! Your customers are already preparing for the holiday season by planning trips and buying gifts. That’s why it’s a good idea to put your marketing efforts on full force. Online statistics portal Statista says that more

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Jewelry Store Blog

What Type of Holiday Content Should Your Jewelry-Store Blog Publish?

A blog is a valuable promotional tool for your online jewelry store especially during the holiday selling season. By posting on your blog you can build a trusted online audience, establish yourself as an expert, and increase your web presence.

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4 Chilling B2C Halloween Marketing Tips

Halloween can be a frightening holiday for some, a fun holiday for others, and a profitable one for those who read the tips we’ve outlined below. Our bite-sized and easy to digest business-to-consumer (B2C) tips have only your jewelry customer in mind, so

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Technology & The Jewelry Industry: 3 Reasons to Refresh Your Jewelry Store Website

Web technology is growing and evolving at an alarming rate. Just when you think you are on the cutting-edge of a new trend a new one emerges. To keep up with your competitors in the jewelry industry, it is very

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How To Lead By Design: Interactive Websites

If you want to lead by design then take action with the simple tips below. The level of interactivity involved in your design can be scaled up or down to meet the needs of your visitors without being too gimmicky.

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The Importance of Having an E-Commerce Website

People between the age 25-34 spend more on jewelry than any other age group (Golan, 2015). It’s interesting to note that these people are millennials, also otherwise known as digital natives. They have mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, and

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Tips For Creating a Successful LinkedIn Page

As a professional social media network, LinkedIn is a great site for building a list of business contacts and B2B marketing. LinkedIn presents itself as a serious platform for people determined to expand their reach within their respective fields, which

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Custom Site Versus Template Based Websites

The debate between open source platforms and template platforms rages on as many small businesses struggle to find a cost effective way of getting their websites online. Many people believe that template based platforms provide a simple plug and play

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How To Select The Perfect Color Scheme For Your Website

In recent years a number of studies have linked color schemes to consumer perception of your brand. Whether it is the color of your logo, or the whole scheme of your interactive website, the colors you choose will determine whether

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How To Handle A Bad Review on Yelp

  Yelp has become one of the most loved and hated sites on the internet, providing consumers a means of voicing their opinions about nearly any business around. On the one hand, it can be a helpful tool for other

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