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How To Select The Perfect Color Scheme For Your Website

In recent years a number of studies have linked color schemes to consumer perception of your brand. Whether it is the color of your logo, or the whole scheme of your interactive website, the colors you choose will determine whether

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How To Handle A Bad Review on Yelp

  Yelp has become one of the most loved and hated sites on the internet, providing consumers a means of voicing their opinions about nearly any business around. On the one hand, it can be a helpful tool for other

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Retail: The Importance of Showcasing Products Online

Jewelry may be classic, but the process of buying it has modernized. Many people don’t go to a physical store anymore to look for what they like. Nowadays, they go online to find a specific piece before they drop by

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Gearing Up During Labor Day Weekend

Hello Labor Day Weekend! All of us here at GemFind love Labor Day. It is that wonderful day of relaxation that comes at the end of a long summer. It’s also the day where we all transition into “fall thinking” as we begin

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pinterest tips

Top 3 Pinterest Tips

Are you looking to strengthen your brand’s visibility through Pinterest? Make sure to follow these tips to optimize your company’s Pinterest profile: 1. Include Price tags While you may think all users are looking on Pinterest for inspiration, Pinterest users

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Google Is Checking Your Site

As of April 21st 2015, Google has changed the way it ranks your site in search results. With the growing use of cellphones, Google has decided to favor websites that are mobile-friendly. We want to make sure you’re aware of

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New website redesign

How to Pick the Right Company for Your New Website Redesign

Selecting a website design company for your jewelry business shouldn’t be a decision you make too quickly. A number of factors play a role in determining what your website should look like, what it should feature, and how it should

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Well-designed interactive website

Why a Well-Designed Website Will Drive More Traffic to Your Brick and Mortar Store

Today’s jewelry business owners need more than just flashy ads and prime locations in shopping malls. They also need a well-designed interactive website. If your company lacks a website, it may be negatively impacting the customers that would come into

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Amazing Jewelry Websites

5 Amazing Jewelry Websites That Will Make You Want a Redesign

Redesigning a jewelry website can be empowering for a company. Even if you have a small business, a new website can create more traffic and interest from customers who have never stepped into your location previously. It can be hard

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Marketing Jewelry Online

10 Ideas for Marketing Jewelry Online

Conveying the quality and beauty of a piece of jewelry online requires a unique set of marketing strategies and an innate knowledge of what your target customer wants. These insider marketing ideas can simplify the marketing aspect of your jewelry

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