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Remarketing Ads on Facebook - GemFind

Why Remarketing Ads on Facebook Work

Having a Facebook business page is the first step towards having a social media presence, but the magic isn’t in the page. In order to keep a good return on your investment (ROI), remarketing to your users using Facebook ads is the key to building true success.

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GemFind - Jewelry Store Blog

Top 5 Reasons Your Jewelry Website Needs a Blog

There are many reasons why your online jewelry business can benefit from a jewelry store blog. The key is to offer unique information that cannot be found on several other sites. The more your blog gains authority with search engines, the better chances it has at driving traffic to your website. Here are five key reasons you site needs a blog.

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Increase Online Jewelry Sales - GemFind Blog

How to Increase Online Jewelry Sales in 2017

Do you run an eCommerce jewelry store with the goal to increase online jewelry sales? Actually, there’s one real answer to that question. Of course that’s what you want! In order to achieve that goal you need to stop listening

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DiamondLink GemFind Blog

Why You Should Have a Virtual Diamond List on Your Website

Loose diamonds can be easily managed using a virtual diamond list, such as the DiamondLink® platform. This virtual inventory of loose diamonds allows your jewelry store customers to search for the diamond of their dreams based on shape, cut, color,

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on-page seo search engine

Why You should Care About On-Page SEO

There has been a great deal of discussion in recent years about the importance of your businesses having a website. For those non-believers, the time has been upon you. Even if you feel like your jewelry store is doing fine,

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jewelry products

The Benefits of Having products on your Jewelry Website

The cloud continues to provide ways that make marketing much more efficient. Your jewelry products will likely reach a larger market if you showcase them online rather than only displaying them in your physical store. Here are some of the

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Facebook marketing strategy

Why You Should Like Likes on Facebook

It is no secret that social media is now a part of all of our lives; even for those of us who don’t really understand what all the fuss is about. Business has to keep up with the times or

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jewelry store social media

Which Social Media Platforms Should Your Jewelry Store be Using?

Social media is one of the golden tools of this century that can accelerate lead generation. If you’re curious which social media platform will work best with your jewelry store, it’s a mix of the usual suspects, depending on the

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jewelers website effective

What Makes a Retail Jewelers Website Effective?

What Makes a Retail Jewelers Website Effective? GemFind has been building websites for the jewelry industry for over 15 years which is a century in terms of the internet. We have seen websites go from all text websites with gif

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Happy Employees Holidays GemFind

How to Keep your Employees Happy During the Long Holiday Hours

One of the most important cornerstones of success for any jewelry company big or small is the success and happiness of that company’s employees. Expressions like “Invest in your employees, and they will invest in your company.” or “We are

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