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How to Improve Your Visibility and Conversions for Your Jewelry Website

You can significantly improve your visibility and conversions for your jewelry website, if you take proactive measures to implement strong online marketing strategies, rather than waiting for Google to index your site. The beauty of the Internet is that it

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online marketing for your jewelry business

Why You Need Online Marketing for Your Jewelry Business

Once you’ve built your online jewelry store, the next step is to reach your target market and give them an amazing experience. While there are many ways to cut corners on a website, you must put as much effort as

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How to Make Your Jewelry Website More Interactive

  Interactivity is one of the keys to building an online community. The more your online jewelry site invites participation with followers, the more chances people will have to spend time with it. Some of the interaction can be driven

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Off-Page SEO For Your Jewelry Website

Why You Need Off-Page SEO For Your Jewelry Website

Online jewelers can benefit by learning the differences between on-page and off-page SEO for your jewelry website. While on-page involves your site’s content and how it is structured, off-page encompasses how other sites can affect your site’s authority, particularly through

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sales through your blogs

How to Create More Sales Through Your Blogs

Once you’ve crafted a jewelry website that mirrors your ideals, the next focal point should be sales through your blogs. It may take some time to develop a loyal blog following, but eventually it can be the key to endless

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Co-Op Advertising

How Co-Op Advertising Can Benefit Your Jewelry Business

An innovative approach to reducing advertising costs is to work with partners, such as designers and manufacturers, who pay for advertising in exchange for mentions in marketing campaigns. It’s an efficient way to reach a target market. Here are reasons

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Twitter for Your Jewelry Store

Should You Use Twitter for Your Jewelry Store?

The reason you should consider Twitter for your jewelry store is that it can maximize returns while minimizing social media effort. Twitter is a popular platform that allows you to reach your target market by posting regularly about your offerings. Short

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Pinterest for Your Jewelry Store

How to Use Pinterest for Your Jewelry Store

Working with an online strategist can help you maximize using Pinterest for your jewelry store. It’s a popular social network that’s easy to use, but not all businesses have the time to manage images that promote their brands on this

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Instagram For Your Jewelry Store

How to Use Instagram for Your Jewelry Store

Gaining a competitive edge can be achieved with Instagram for your jewelry store. A major key is to focus more on engagement through social media with customers instead of strictly going for sales. Old fashioned pitches are unreliable online, whereas building relationships increases

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technology jewelry industry

How Technology is Changing the Jewelry Industry

  It’s no longer a secret that technology is changing the jewelry industry. Whether it involves web design, search tools, cloud solutions or e-commerce platforms, online jewelers are increasingly becoming more empowered by new web applications. As a recent example,

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